Marketing Automation: What is it, and what it’s good for

Applications sellers generally supply Marketing Automation platforms as a hosted or internet-based alternative, and consequently there isn’t much-to-no software to set up. Merchandise Characteristics Sellers will give you a changing range of merchandise characteristics, considering that the theory of Marketing Automation is comparatively new. It’s then a sensible option to value each seller attentively and […]

Project Management Tools: 5 Features You Must Have

project management Gantt chart

Project management tools are like IKEA furniture—you have to work hard to put them to put them together but once you do, life look a lot nicer. The reason is that project management tool need to be implemented and incorporated into the work routine of everyone in the company in order to work well, and […]

Data Analytics: 4 Easy but Powerful Techniques

Data Analytics Linear Trend

Data analytics is growing at a rapid pace and managers want more data-driven decision making.  Furthermore, as the power of computing grows and many business activities are moving on line and are being tracked, organizations have tons of data that they can use to drive powerful Business Analytics Insights. Yet, with the scores of data […]

CRM Marketing: Leverage Your Database to Grow Your Business

CRM Marketing Automation

CRM Marketing is the new buzz word in marketing, as evident by Salesforce’s giant acquisition of ExectTarget. The reason is that today you need to reach your customers with more tailored and targeted message than ever before.  This is how you can leverage your CRM system and your Marketing Automation system in order to grow […]

Business Analytics and Intelligence: Key for Revenue Growth

Business Analytics and Intelligence from Gartner

Business Analytics and Intelligence will be an important component in future business reinvention and growth, according to analyst firm Gartner.  The analyst firm says that both Business Analytics and Business Intelligence are opening new paths for business and making possible to invent new business models and revenue streams. Business Analytics and Intelligence are increasing in […]

ERP for Human Resources: Manage Your Human Capital Effectively

ERP for Human Resources

ERP systems are typically associated with finance and operations; however, there is another aspect for ERP which many organizations miss.  ERP for Human Resources helps organizations manage their human capital from various aspects such as payroll, time and attendance and even succession planning.  Therefore ERP for human resources is becoming more important for any organization […]

Customer Relationship Management: Forecasting Sales with Your CRM

Customer Relationship Management Business Forecast

Customer Relationship Management, CRM, is one of the tools that sales reps hate. They need to constantly be bothered with entering loads of fields and data about every communication they make with a prospect and to switch sales opportunities between stages.  Nevertheless, Customer Relationship Management systems are one of the most valuable tools for management […]

ERP: Get the Most from Business’ Most Important Technology

ERP System

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning technology is the system that integrates processes and data across the organization.  It manages crucial junctions of information such as finance and accounting, manufacturing or development, sales, customer service, Customer Relationship Management or CRM and many other Systems. Here at Technology Review 360, we set up to check what you […]

Business Analytics: Applying science for generating revenue

Business analytics searches in Google

Business Analytics is becoming a very hot trend. As business is becoming more competitive and data is more readily available, companies are investing more in order to get the right answers to their most pressing business questions.  While Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) system all provide plenty of […]